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Pro Drummer & Music Educator

Hello! My name is Lindsay, and I would love to help you reach your full drumming potential. I offer engaging drum lessons that will give you proper skills and technique while also having fun. We do this by learning and then applying drumming techniques to real music you enjoy playing. I have experience teaching complete beginners through professional drummers, ages children through adults. Every drummer has different aspirations, that's why my lessons are highly individualized and custom molded to your goals. Beginner drummers start with learning things like basic drum set technique, rudiments, rhythms, music notation reading and writing, beats, grooves, fills and songs. Intermediate and advanced drummers might be interested in expanding their vocabulary, applying rudiments to the drum set, increasing creativity, strengthening their weak hand, bass drum foot technique, and optimizing practice time for the fastest and most effective results, for example.


I'm a full time professional musician living in Los Angeles, California. I perform, gig, record and teach here. I earned my B.A in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, with concentrations in Drum Set Performance and Music Business. In 2015 I won the international Hit Like a Girl contest. I travel around the world giving Drum Set Clinics to universities and music institutions. I'm honored to endorse the world's top drum companies, including Zildjian, Evans, Mapex and Vic Firth. I've been fortunate enough to study with some of the world's best drummers, including Dave Dicenso, Ralph Peterson, Bernard Purdie and Terri Lyne Carrington. These are some of the experiences that have shaped my musicianship. I feel it's my pleasure as well as responsibility to pass on knowledge and information to help others grow and succeed in their drumming journey.


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What Lindsay's Students Are Saying...

"Lindsay is a fantastic teacher and has expanded my understanding of drumming infinitely. She has introduced me concepts, practice routines and ways of interpreting music that have totally challenged and changed my approach to drumming and finding creative expression through it. As a working drummer and drum teacher myself, one the things I enjoy most about Lindsay is her passion for the art. It reminds me to fall in love with drumming again when it all starts to feel too much like work."
Craig Norford
London, England

"Lindsay inspired me when I was feeling down on myself and thought about giving up and quitting. She gave me a different way on looking about drumming and music and it's encouraged me. Before, I felt like I wasn't improving. Now, when I go back and listen to my old recordings, I really see how far I have developed myself and how much I have grown in a short time. I used to only be able to play rock and metal music. Now I can play some Jazz, Funk and Latin music."
Andrew R.
California, U.S.A

"I follow Lindsay on Instagram, and have been learning drums with her ever since she posted that she teaches lessons. I learned a lot of cool stuff with her like linear grooves and fills, concepts and how to have better groove and timing. She shares a lot of information and makes you actually want to practice. If you really want to be a better drummer, do lessons with Lindsay! You can't imagine how fast that you improved!"
Jiaqi Wang
Dalian, China

"My love for the drums came as a teenager. I was self taught for a few years, enjoying playing, but not making measurable progress. Once I found out that Lindsay was offering drum lessons, I could not pass that up! So far she's taught me how to read music, play rudiments, grooves and fills. She is by far the best teacher ever! I never knew learning drums could be so much fun. She truly knows her stuff and she is amazing at what she does!"
Jimmy Fanizzi
New Jersey, U.S.A

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Please contact Lindsay to set up a time to discuss what drum lesson plan is best for you. The most popular and by far most effective drum lesson schedule is weekly one hour sessions. Half hour weekly lessons and single one hour lessons are also available upon request. Pricing, discounted rates for weekly students, attendance and cancellation policies and other drum lesson details are sent once contact has been initiated.

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